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When planning funeral and cremation services in Ridge, NY, the most important thing you can do is design an event that honors the personality of your loved one. Are there any details that you would like to include in the event? Some families have the benefit of preplanning information, while other families face the decisions of how these services will match the preferences of the deceased.


Whether you want a basic memorial or full funeral service, our experienced planning team is here to assist. We encourage you to contact us whenever you are ready to move forward with funeral planning. We provide a safe, comfortable environment where you can learn about your options without feeling pressured to select specific funeral services.



Personalization and Traditions for Funeral and Cremation in Ridge, NY


As you are considering your options for funerals and cremations, take a moment to consider how you can add traditions and personalization into these services. Here are a few options you might choose:


  • Venue: The location where funeral or memorial services are held will set the tone for the overall experience of the event. Some families want to create a formal gathering, so it makes sense to hold the gathering at a chapel or funeral home. Or, if you want to create a casual, light-hearted experience, then a backyard or outdoor location might be appropriate.
  • Traditions: What is the best way to honor your family traditions through this event? These traditions can be focused on religious ceremonies such as music, scriptures, or prayer. Or, you might have cultural traditions that honor generations of family history. Pick the traditions that resonate with your family and create a feeling of comfort and familiarity.
  • Music: It’s no surprise that music sets the tone for the overall event. Hymns and church prelude will create a solemn, comforting time when people walk through the door. Or, if you want it to be a life celebration, then you can choose upbeat music based on the genres your loved one enjoyed. Music can be used in the background. You can also include musical pieces in the program.
  • Decorations: Many families like to display photos and videos of the loved one. You can also share other details that honor the person’s life such as their artwork, crafts, sports team jerseys, or anything else that communicates a message about the person.
  • Products: The way a person is laid to rest will determine the type of products you need for the event. For example, burial requires a casket and headstone. Choose colors and designs that showcase their personality. For cremation, you will need to select an urn. A temporary urn is a respectful solution if you will be scattering the ashes. Or, you might have a decorative, beautiful design if you plan to keep the urn in your home.


The most important thing you should always keep in mind: there isn’t a right or wrong way to plan funeral services. You should consider the preferences of your loved one, as well as the details that support the needs of your family.



Timing: Coordinating Future Funeral Services


There are often situations where families don’t have advanced notice for funeral and cremation planning in Ridge, NY. If a death is unexpected, then you have a short time to coordinate the specific details of the event. It’s common for families to hold these services within a week after the person passes away.


Our team is here to help from the moment you know that funeral services are needed. Simply reach out by calling our office so we can provide guidance and information through every step of this process.


At the same time, there are often opportunities to start with preplanning before the event is scheduled. If a loved one is sick and you know that time is running out, then it can be helpful to begin the funeral planning process right away. Often, this approach enables your loved one to participate by sharing their preferences for the event.


Another solution is to start preplanning as soon as possible. You don’t need to have an anticipated timeline for this event. Many people like the convenience of preplanning when they are in good health. Then, these services are ready for a future event. We’re here to answer your questions about preplanning and support your preferred timeline for finalizing the details of the event.


One of the biggest benefits of preplanning is you can make your wishes known. At the same time, funeral preplanning reduces the burden left on your family when it is time for the funeral to be scheduled.



Local Funeral Planning Services


When preparing for funeral services, find a local funeral home for support. We are just a phone call away and ready to help your family with funeral and cremation in Ridge, NY.


What is a Life Tribute Video?

We'll create a one-of-a-kind Tribute Video by combining family photographs, music of your choice, and professional effects to share your loved one's special journey during the service. Check the different personalized tributes we offer here.


What details do you need from me when processing a funeral arrangement?

We would be needing your full legal name and address, social security number, date and place of birth, occupation, and other important information. You may check the complete list and other requirements here.


What is the Legacy Touch?

The Legacy Touch mission is to connect families with their Loved Ones. We specialize in creating beautiful, personalized Keepsakes and Jewelry to help remember, celebrate, and honor the unique life of your Loved One. Get to know more about it here.



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