Family Owned and Operated

Today, multi-national conglomerates have commercialized the funeral profession, sacrificing service for size. Often times, they keep the original funeral home name, but the traditions that built the funeral home are no where to be found. Unlike firms owned by a conglomerate, the funeral directors at Mangano Funeral Home are not commissioned salesmen. We have no corporate logo, no corporate headquarters, no corporate bottom line to reach. We are not accountable to CEO's and CFO's. Our only focus is the family we serve.

The key difference between a family owned firm and a conglomerate is the vested interest a family owner has in the community he serves. Unlike conglomerate, or “dignity memorial” firms, that answer to corporate offices in Texas, the Mangano family answers to Deer Park and the surrounding communities.

The Mangano Funeral Home represents four generations of excellence in funeral service. Sal F. Mangano was raised in this community and has watched it grow and change firsthand. He calls to mind the goodwill his grandfather and mother established over the years and he is both humbled and honored to carry on this proud family tradition.